This article was published on October 22, 2020

This GPT-3-powered tool generates new ideas for your terrible blog

It's designed to help content marketers score well on Google

This GPT-3-powered tool generates new ideas for your terrible blog Image by: Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Even the greatest writers sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Luckily for them, a new AI Blog Idea Generator could sprinkle some inspiration onto their empty pages.

Just enter some keywords into the search bar and the system will analyze Google’s top-performing content on the subject. It then runs the data through OpenAI’s vaunted GPT-3 text generator to produce a new idea.

The tool is targeted at content marketers on the hunt for blog posts that will rank highly on Google search. But I tested whether it could also help this humble hack to overcome his writer’s block.

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Some of its creations were relevant but clichéd, while others were largely gibberish.

Credit: Topic
The top idea on AI news could work in a marketing blog, but probably not the one below about GPT-3 (although I’d love to check out the third Open AI Galactic Poker Tournament).

The tool’s creator Nikhil Aitharaju acknowledges that not every idea will be a winner:

It can admittedly go off the rails occasionally (as it’s an automated system), but the fact that you can generate more ideas in a click means that you’re bound to get a clever idea eventually!

Alas, he didn’t invent the system solely out of the goodness of his heart. Users only get a limited number of free ideas before they have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

That’ll probably put the tool out of reach for many journalists (*sniff*), but content marketers might be more willing to dig into their pockets.

Just don’t expect the ideas to be anything too original. But at least you won’t have to think them up yourself.

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