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This article was published on October 8, 2020

These AI-generated resumes will make your job search even more painful

A new website uses machine learning to create fake resumes

These AI-generated resumes will make your job search even more painful Image by: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

The economic slump has forced many of to us to think up some fresh lies for our resumes. If you’re struggling for inspiration, a new AI tool could help revive your imagination.

Developer Thomas Davis built the system by training machine learning models on the key properties of 6,000 resumes.

The result is Almost Real Resume, a website that spits out an endless stream of fake career highlights for tech job candidates.

It gives you a new name, contact details, personal statement, work experience, and interests in a variety of formats and color schemes. But the best part is the references. Check out this one I got from my former boss Juan Carlos Carlos Carlos Martins De De De De De De Oliveira:

He is always quick to find the best out of the people and is committed to the work more he does. afraid to do so best we managed to be on his own little did, he with our first team.

Thank you, Juan Carlos Carlos Carlos.

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Davis admits on his GitHub page that the resumes have some issues:

The models/output obviously suck. We didn’t clean the data enough. And we didn’t train them for long enough. (Who can afford that)… It will suck for some time, much like the samples used in the fake resumes, the longer you train it for the better your results may be. (ML obviously eventually gets a lot more difficult than this).

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The system clearly needs some fine-tuning before it gets you the job of your dreams. But if that’s still not enough to impress the recruiters, you could always spam them with countless fake resumes out of petty vengeance.

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