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This article was published on August 21, 2020

The perfect Rolls-Royce is this electric restomod from 1961

I want to marry it even though it's twice my age

The perfect Rolls-Royce is this electric restomod from 1961

The creators of the simply gorgeous electro-resto-mod Jaguar XK120 are back, and this time they’re working their magic on classic Rolls-Royce models.

I’ve fallen foul to clichéd cargasms and written about my love for classic car restorations that feature modern all-electric drivetrains before. For me, the joy that can be extracted from old cars is found in their aesthetic, and a good ol’ Rolls is, and always will be, a shining example of that classic exuberant style.

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So let me introduce you to my latest car crush, Lunaz’ all-electric Rolls-Royce Phantom — I’ll give you a  minute to take it in:

lunaz, rolls-royce, car, ev, electric drivetrain, future
Credit: Lunaz
The Lunaz modified Rolls-Royce Phantom is a unique all-electric restomod that brings the classic car into the 21st century. It ain’t cheap, though.

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Like the Jag before it, the Phantom gets the typical Lunaz treatment, which includes a full structural and aesthetic restoration back to near original spec. The company then adds its own proprietary motor, electric hardware, and a 120 kWh battery pack that Lunaz says is good for 300 miles (483 km) of range.

All this makes it a perfectly usable modern classic. Most conventional restorations become showpieces that never get used due to their difficult upkeep. This Lunaz, though, could be used every day if you wanted.

The level of respect that’s been paid to the original is staggering. For many classic car enthusiasts, electrifying a Rolls and adding a bunch of digital hardware might sound like sacrilege, but Lunaz takes a very classy approach to how it integrates the electronics.

Take the power dial for example: rather than slapping on a modern digital read out or screen, Lunaz fabricates custom gauges that match the original rev counter and speedometer aesthetic.

phantom, dial, power, electric
Credit: Lunaz
The power dial on the Lunaz Phantom wouldn’t look out of place on the original. It delicately balances modernity with a classic aesthetic. The yellow displays regenerative braking, and the white numbers show the power draw from the battery.

That said, there are a few modern additions that make the car more usable in today’s world. Given the Phantom is supposed to be a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle, Lunaz has added a couple of screens for passengers in the rear seats, that let them watch films or mirror their phone screens.

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But of course, you’re not here for me to talk about this thing, you want to see it.

Of course, that iconic grille is restored to its former shine
The interior of the Phantom has been restored to a very high specification. You might even argue that it’s better than the original, while losing none of the classic design.
The Phantom is equipped with suicide doors which make it easier for rear passengers to step forward and out of the vehicle. It is a chauffeur experience after all.
The spirit of ecstasy or the spirit of electricity?
Lunaz has painstakingly restored the wood in the interior and it is finished with a slightly more modern satin finish and features rose gold inlays.
The Lunaz Phantom is electric, and the original fuel filler cap provides a perfect spot for a charging port.

These things don’t come cheap, but they will be incredibly exclusive. Lunaz is only going to make 30 of them. After all, it has to first find classic Rolls-Royces’ to restore, and then bring them up to modern spec with its electric drivetrain.

Oh, and like the electrified Jaguar XK120, these things are not cheap. Builds for the Phantom start, yes start, at £500,000. For that hefty price tag owners do get to be involved closely with the build process and can specify custom options and tailor their vehicle to their own tastes however they please. It’s very much a boutique item.

If £500,000 is a bit hard to stomach, Lunaz can also sprinkle its magic dust on a classic Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, which starts at £350,000. Exclusivity always comes with a price.

Credit: Lunaz
Lunaz can also restore the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Some classic car enthusiasts will probably bemoan the notion of modernizing and adding an electric drivetrain to an old Rolls, but the two could pair quite well.

Rolls-Royces were never about accelerating at light speed, or handling as sharp as a race car. They are about comfort, luxury, and considered acceleration. Power should come in a reassuring swell, and not imitate being hit in the back with a sledgehammer.

With no gears in its electric drivetrain, this Rolls is set up to journey with smoothness, silence, and style. Costing about as much as a modern Roller, but having buckets more style, I know which one I would rather spend the rest of my life with.

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