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This article was published on June 2, 2021

This Tesla Roadster simulation with the SpaceX thruster pack shows its insane speed

It accelerates so hard that you body and your spirit will part ways

This Tesla Roadster simulation with the SpaceX thruster pack shows its insane speed

Tesla is claiming that its upcoming Roadster sports car will accelerate from zero to 60 quicker than pretty much anything else on the planet — 1.9 seconds to be precise. It’s so fast that there isn’t much out there to compare it to, so we don’t really have a frame of reference.

What’s more, for reasons we’ll never understand, Elon Musk thinks that going from a standstill to 60 mph in under two seconds isn’t quite fast enough.

He’s mused on the idea of adding cold gas thrusters to the Roadster to help it accelerate off the line even faster and get to 60 in 1.1 seconds. Naturally, Musk has called this the SpaceX pack.

The only things that can accelerate faster than this are specialist drag cars which are specifically designed to go so fast you leave your face behind. So you’re probably wondering what that kind of acceleration actually looks like?

Well today is your lucky day, Slav Popovski, a CGI and 3D visual effects artist, has made a simulation that demonstrates the difference between a stock Roadster, and one with the SpaceX pack.

Check it out below.


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Even though the SpaceX equipped Roadster is only 0.8 seconds quicker zero to 60, the reality is that it simply leaves the regular version in its dust. It’s mind bending, but I suppose it literally has a rocket in its ass, so we shouldn’t be surprised.

The Roadster might end up being the fastest accelerating production car, when it’s finally made. It might be fast off the line, but it ain’t fast at actually getting there.

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