This article was published on July 27, 2021

Spotify will now notify you immediately about new releases

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Spotify will now notify you immediately about new releases

When music streaming apps started offering their services in India, Rdio (RIP) was my top choice because it offered a list of new releases with multiple filters. This helped me keep track of new albums from artists that I loved.

Now, Spotify is rolling out a similar feature that will help you keep track of all the new releases from your favorite artists. This feature, called What’s New, is accessible on your home screen via a bell icon. If there’s new content in your What’s New feed, you’ll see a blue dot on top of the bell icon.

When you hit the bell icon, it’ll show you a real-time feed of new stuff from musicians and podcasts you follow. You can also filter out new releases by just podcasts or music.

What’s New feed on Spotify that’ll let you track new releases

Usually, I scroll through Wikipedia to learn of new albums, or go through sites like Pitchfork to check if an artist I like has released something new. But Spotify’s What’s New feed will make my life easier. Now, all I want from the company is to launch a feature to see new albums released this week.

This new feature is rolling out to all users globally on iOS and Android over the coming weeks.

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