This article was published on July 26, 2021

Spoiler alert: The most popular used EV in the US isn’t a Tesla

The winner might surprise you

Spoiler alert: The most popular used EV in the US isn’t a Tesla

Tesla may be dominating the new EV sales, but there’s another — and unexpected — winner in the used electric vehicle market. analyzed data from the top 25 states with the greatest EV sales, which revealed that the best-selling used electric vehicle is the Nissan LEAF.

Nissan LEAF best selling used EV in the US.
Credit: Nissan
The Nissan LEAF.

In fact, the Nissan LEAF is the most popular choice in 18 out of the 25 states, while the Tesla Model S holds the first place in the remaining seven states.

Tesla Model S second place for best-selling used EV in the US
The Tesla Model S.

Nationally, the LEAF also has the highest share of used EV sales at 27.7%. The Tesla Model S comes second with a 17.8% share — that’s a big win for Nissan.

According to Karl Brauer, Executive Analyst at, “This is likely due to the LEAF’s affordability with a used car price of $13,054 compared to a used Tesla Model S at $48,996, as well as its brand recognition as the first mass-market EV that’s been on the market for a decade.”

Preference by state

Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S, popular used EV per US state
The preferred used EV per state.

Hawaii is the state with the highest share of used Nissan LEAFs at 61.3%, which can be explained by the $10,000 rebate offered by the country’s government for the purchase of this model. 

The Tesla Model S holds its highest share in used EV sales in Illinois (33.8%), with Texas a close second at 33%.

But even in California, Tesla’s home state, the LEAF is still the most bought used electric vehicle.

The top 10 used EVs

iSeeCars also determined the top ten best-selling used electric vehicles, which comprise over 90% of the used EV market.

Here’s the list:

  1. Nissan LEAF (27.7%)
  2. Tesla Model S (17.8%)
  3. Fiat 500e (9.1%)
  4. Chevrolet Bolt EV (8.4%)
  5. Volkswagen e-Golf (6.3%)
  6. Tesla Model 3 (5.9%)
  7. Tesla Model X (4.9%)
  8. BMW i3 (4.8%)
  9. Chevrolet Spark EV (3.9%)
  10. Kia Soul EV (3.1%)

If you’re interested in more detailed information per state, you can find the full survey here.

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