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This article was published on May 4, 2016 has turned its support to the Clinton campaign has turned its support to the Clinton campaign

As Election 2016 hacks go, this one isn’t exactly original, but the Arizona real-estate guy – called Ted Cruz – who owns is supporting Clinton so he’s using his website to promote his team.

Right now civilian Ted Cruz is capitalizing on the Google searches made as the official Ted Cruz leaves the race – “who is Ted Cruz?” – but all the way back when the former Texas senator announced he was running last year, civilian Ted Cruz had put up his own cheeky message. Wayback Machine

This isn’t the first time during the US Election 2016 that somebody’s hijacked ‘the website’ of another candidate to promote their own message.

Remember when was hijacked by a political joker – even though it wasn’t Bush’s official website – with a redirect sent straight to Donald Trump’s page?


You can find Ted Cruz’s proper page at… but it’s not a great deal of use anymore. At least he made a clean exit.

On the news that Trump has all but made it from humble real estate magnate and former Democratic candidate to be the Republican nominee – pending confirmation that John Kasich has pulled out too – many across the world will share the sentiment (begrudgingly) of

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