This article was published on May 14, 2019

This site generates batshit crazy blockchain use-cases that are stupidly real

... inspired by real projects

This site generates batshit crazy blockchain use-cases that are stupidly real

The blockchain space has struggled with a lack of legitimate use-cases — but a new site solves that problem by generating revolutionary projects on demand.

Thanks to marketeer Tamas Torok, cryptocurrency entrepreneurs can simply click a button to receive “inspired” applications of distributed ledger technology like the one below.

“I thought it would be great to create an app that generates funny crypto project names with a bullshit indicator of 100 percent,” he said.

“As an investor, I used to go through these projects to find some promising ones,” Torok told Hard Fork. “After a while, it was pretty obvious how to filter out the bullshit projects: they have typically a vague headline stuffed with buzzwords, usually including the word ‘first’ to attract investors.”

The thing is, Torok’s algorithm spits out blockchain projects that seem a little too real.

That’s because they are (sort of). “I got inspired by existing crypto project names, so some of the generated names might be very similar to an already existing project,” Torok confirmed.

“Dentacoin, for example — people invested in those projects. It’s hilarious and super sad. My goal was to have fun while trying to educate others to be more careful when investing in any crypto projects,” he added.

According to Torok, these visionary cryptocurrency startups are ready to change the world (once they get off the ground.)

  • First decentralized platform disrupting farming in Nauru
  • An efficient & transparent distributed pool revenue system disrupting the global agriculture industry
  • Disrupting peer-to-peer lending for truck drivers
  • Peer-to-peer personal banking service for divorced cat owners

So, if you’re a blockchain entrepreneur without an incredibly niche use-case, go find a brand-new project with the Bullshit Crypto Project Name Generator — odds are, you’ll fit right in.

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