This article was published on December 12, 2019

The iPhone is now the internet’s preferred porn streaming device

So long, Android

The iPhone is now the internet’s preferred porn streaming device

The numbers don’t lie: Tons of people are ditching their desktops and laptops, and watching porn straight from their phones, or so suggest the figures from the internet’s most visited adult entertainment platform, Pornhub.

The site’s annual data review reveals that 76.6 percent of users consume smut via their phones. That’s a 5-percent increase compared to 2018’s 71.6 percent.

The bigger news? The iPhone has finally become the world’s preferred porn streaming device, snatching the reins from Android.

Yep, iOS accounted for 52.8 percent of all mobile traffic, leaving Android in second place with 46.6 percent. That’s what happens when Apple releases a slightly more affordable iPhone, I guess. By contrast, in 2018, Android held a 54.4-percent dominance over iOS’ 44.4 percent.

Chrome remains the most popular browser for watching porn, on both desktop and mobile. Clinching 56.2 percent of all desktop traffic, it has a hefty lead on Edge, which came in second with 10.7 percent.

The browser race is a lot closer on mobile, where Chrome (44.3 percent) has only a 2.7-percent edge over Safari (41.6 percent).

As far as video game consoles (yes, I’m not playing, people use those for that, too), PlayStation has a commanding share, with 51.5 percent (60.5 percent if you count PS Vita traffic). Xbox occupies the runner-up spot with 34.7 percent, leaving Nintendo Wii (I’m not making that pun) in third with 4.3 percent.

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