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This article was published on July 5, 2022

Yes, ‘pawternity leave’ is a real thing — and these 4 companies offer it

Who runs the world? Doggos 100%

Yes, ‘pawternity leave’ is a real thing — and these 4 companies offer it

Anyone who has ever gotten a new puppy or kitten knows just how exhausting it can be. Between the cute photo ops, random zoomies and sleepy cuddles on the sofa, there’s a lot of crying, sleepless nights, and mopping up messes.

Welcoming a new member to your family takes a lot of time, effort, and love. It can be all consuming (at least for the first few weeks) so naturally you’re going to need a lot of help and support.

Thankfully, some companies are starting to recognize this. Alongside maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave, some forward-thinking businesses are now offering employees pawternity leave. Yes, they’re actually giving employees time off to welcome a furry friend to their family.

While this perk is definitely still a bit of a novelty, its popularity is growing. Families come in all shapes and sizes, after all. Companies that recognize that pets can mean the world to some people are being praised for their inclusivity. Plus, it’s a great way to boost morale.

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So, here is a rundown of some of the companies that are offering this quirky work perk, and for plenty more companies with similar policies, visit the House of Talent Job Board.

Brewdog Plc

When the company’s logo is a dog, it’s a pretty good sign that it’s a pet-friendly place to work. Brewdog plc is an international pub chain and brewery founded in Scotland. The company introduced pawternity leave back in 2017 and employees can take a week off to welcome either a puppy or older dog to their home.

The puppy leave scheme sits alongside the company’s impressive benefits package which includes beer training for all staff, a sabbatical program, and the Unicorn Fund, where 10% of the organization’s annual profits are split equally between all staff.

MARS Petcare

MARS is the name behind some of the most recognizable household brands such as M&Ms, Dove, Milky Way, Uncle Bens, and of course, under its Mars Petcare division, Pedigree and Whiskas. The company was one of the first brands to offer pawternity leave.

Employees receive 10 hours of paid leave when they get a new pet, and they can bring them into the office after that. Other employee perks include income protection, health and wellness programs, and flexible working policies.


MParticle is a customer data platform headquartered in New York but the company has six offices around the world including London. Its benefits package is really impressive and includes perks such as health and dental insurance, team workouts, wellness programs, and free daily meals.

When it comes to pets, employees can enjoy two weeks of paid time off if they adopt an animal from a shelter. They also get free pet insurance so their furry friends are looked after for life. Where do we sign up?


Rover is the US’ largest network of dog sitters and walkers. Unsurprisingly, the company has a whole host of pet-related perks. Alongside pawternity leave, the company gives employees $1,000 to use towards fostering a dog or cat. Employees also get three days of paid bereavement leave when their pet passes away.

Additionally, Rover has an open pet policy, with more than 50 dogs in the office on a daily basis. It sounds like heaven to us.

Are you searching for a new job with great pet perks? Take a look at the House of Talent Job Board today.

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