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This article was published on June 3, 2021

Lyft’s new ebike has better battery capacity and more safety features

It'll be first launched in San Francisco

Lyft’s new ebike has better battery capacity and more safety features Image by: Lyft

Today’s Word Bicycle Day and we can celebrate it by taking a look at Lyft’s new ebike that will join its bikeshare electric fleet in the US.

Lyft’s next-gen ebike is a refined and updated version of its previous battery-based models, with a clear focus on accessibility, durability, and safety improvements.

The ebike's retroflective paint enhances safety
Credit: Lyft
The new ebike is dressed with retroreflective paint that makes the riders more visible

The battery has doubled in capacity from 500Wh to 1,000Wh — enough juice, Lyft says, for up to  96 kilometers of range, depending on factors such as the rider’s weight and how many hills the bike climbs. 

To make it easier to use, there’s no gear shifter. Instead, the ebike has a single gear transmission that functions automatically: the electric motor set on the rear wheel has sensors that adjust to the rider’s torque, cadence, and speed. That’s not bad at all.

To create a more user friendly bike, Lyft has made some more changes. The new bike’s seat can be lowered by an additional three inches, which better accommodates shorter riders. There’s also an improved seat clamp that adjusts to the driver’s height. What’s more, a built-in LED screen and speaker give riders instructions for parking, unlocking, and speed limits. 

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The built-in screen instructs the riders on parking, unlocking and speed limits
Credit: Lyft
The built-in screen gives instructions to riders

Safety-wise, apart from the new model’s higher-end hydraulic brakes, Lyft has dressed the bikes with custom-made retroreflective paint, which like street signs helps illuminate the bikes and the riders, especially at night. The ebike’s visibility is also enhanced by the LED beacon lights that form a distinct light feature. 

The LED beacon light improves safety
Credit: Lyft
The LED beacon light keeps the riders visible at night

All in all, Lyft’s new bike comes with longer battery capacity, extra safety features, and greater ease of use.

The first 100 bikes will arrive next week in San Francisco’s Bay Wheels system as part of a multi-week public beta test, according to the company. The official mass roll-out is expected to start in Chicago’s Divvy program later this year. 

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