This article was published on September 20, 2021

Lucid Motors OWNS Tesla in the long range EV game

Shift your wheels Tesla, Lucid Motors creates the longest range electric vehicle on the road

Lucid Motors OWNS Tesla in the long range EV game
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Cate Lawrence

Cate Lawrence is an Australian tech journo living in Berlin. She focuses on all things mobility: ebikes, autonomous vehicles, VTOL, smart ci Cate Lawrence is an Australian tech journo living in Berlin. She focuses on all things mobility: ebikes, autonomous vehicles, VTOL, smart cities, and the future of alternative energy sources like electric batteries, solar, and hydrogen.

When Lucid Motors launches it’s much-awaited Air Dream Edition Range later this year, it takes evolution in EV charging to the future. The Lucid Air car will become the longest-range electric vehicle on the road.
With 837 kilometers (520 miles) on a single charge, it’s achieved a record-breaking official EPA range rating, making it the first electric car ever to breach 500 miles. This means you could go from Los Angeles to San Francisco without stopping. This is a paradigm shift of what’s possible.

Suck it, Tesla!

The Air Dream beats its closest competitors by over 160km (100 miles) 

Comparatively, the current Tesla Model S Long Range gets an EPA range of only 652 kilometers (405 miles). The Mercedes EQS does better at 770 kilometers (478 miles).

According to Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group:

I’m delighted that our Lucid Air Dream Edition Range is officially accredited with a range of 520 miles by the EPA, a number I believe to be a new record for any EV.

Crucially, this landmark is achieved by Lucid’s world-leading, in-house EV technology, not by simply installing an oversize battery pack.

Our race-proven 900V battery and BMS technology, our miniaturized drive units, coupled with our Wunderbox technology endow Lucid Air with ultra-high efficiency, enabling it to travel more miles from less battery energy. The next generation EV has truly arrived.

A new era of efficiency for Lucid Motors

inside the Lucid Air
Take a look inside the Lucid Air
Lucid Air engineering focuses on efficiency. The car maximizes range through its miniaturized powertrain and an aerodynamic shape that reduces drag at high speeds
In a drive with MotorTrend, Lucid Air Dream Edition R cruised from Los Angeles up to San Francisco and back down to Lucid HQ in Newark. This is a 716km (445-mile) trip. They achieved this with 115km (72 miles) to spare. And this was real-world testing, air conditioning on, pacing with the flow of traffic. The cruise control was set at 107kmph (67 mph).
According to MotorTrend’s Jonny Lieberman:
Remember range anxiety? As with the internal combustion engine, it’s a thing of the past.
Commendably, multiple Lucid Air models have received their official EPA range ratings. This includes the Dream Edition Performance and Grand Touring versions on both 19” and 21” wheels
Subsequently, Lucid Air models are in the top six spots for overall EPA range ratings among all EVs and the highest MPGe ratings in the Large vehicle class. This is a great achievement for not only Lucid Motors, but the future of EV innovation.

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