This article was published on August 24, 2019

How to convert a PDF to any format (and back)

How to convert a PDF to any format (and back)

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PDF files are everywhere, from emails to scientific papers. They’re pretty useful when you want to send a bunch of scanned documents or a contract. That’s why it’s always handy to know a nice convertor that can turn any file into PDF or vice versa.

There are plenty of tools like Zamzar and that’ll help you convert your files. Here’s how you can do it:


  • Head to on your desktop.
  • Add the files you want to convert to PDF by clicking on Add files.
  • Select the format you want to convert these files to.
  • Click on Convert Now.
Zamzar conversion tool

You can download these files or get them sent to your inbox. For premium users, the company offers paid plans that let you convert files of up 2GB size and offer sizable online storage.

  • Go to on your desktop.
  • Drop the files you want to convert.
  • The site will then automatically convert them to PDF, and show you a download link once it’s done.

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