This article was published on April 1, 2022

Here’s a list of weird subreddits to ruin your day

When is a Furby too long? That's right, never.

Here’s a list of weird subreddits to ruin your day

My favorite thing about the internet is that everybody can find like-minded people. No matter how niche your hobby, or how obscure your kink, there’s a community out there for you.

The logical consequence of that is shit on the web gets real weird, real fast. I’m not judging — it is, in fact, my second favorite thing about the internet.

The hub of a lot of the internet’s weirdness is, obviously, Reddit. Its sprawling ecosystem of subreddits is a beautiful reflection of the human condition. And of the fact that we really love memes about the Star Wars prequels.

Since I spend a disturbing amount of time on the platform, I have seen things. And now, so will you. Here’s a few of the weirdest subreddits out there.


What do you get when you mash up Garfield and cosmic horror? A great time. It’s not often that we see a character making the jump from loveable comic character to interdimensional dread lord, and I am here for it.

Screenshot of r/imsorryjon



How do you improve what’s already perfect? By making it longer.

Screenshot of r/longfurbies



What are you looking at me for? It says it right on the tin.

Screenshot of r/breadstapledtotrees



One of my favorites. r/subredditsimulator is a completely non-participatory subreddit that is only meant to be watched. On it, bots create posts and comments, based on stuff they observe on other subreddits. The result is a very accurate, but completely nonsensical mirror-universe of Reddit.

Screenshot of r/subredditsimulator



Get it?



Not as out there as some of the others on this list, but weirdly interesting. As the description says: “Dedicated to the paths that humans prefer, rather than the paths that humans create.”

Screenshot of r/desirepath



A subreddit dedicated to hating on people that are far away. Because fuck those folks.



A group of people casually discussing the advantages of carrying around sand in your pockets. For self defence.

Screenshot of r/pocketsand



The mother of all weird subreddits. Unknowable content, a lay-out that makes your eyes bleed, and a comment section that reads like a fever dream. It is everything, and nothing. It is r/Ooer.

Screenshot of r/ooer


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