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This article was published on December 19, 2019

Hard Fork’s crypto-themed Xmas gift guide — for the HODLers in your life

There's a gift for everyone out there, if they like crypto

Hard Fork’s crypto-themed Xmas gift guide — for the HODLers in your life

Christmas is just around the corner and that means presents, not just for you, but for your friends, family, and that unlucky draw you got in your office’s secret Santa. It probably also means having to attend a swathe of public gatherings in which someone will probably talk your ear off about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the awesomeness of blockchain. 

But don’t despair, for Hard Fork has created a cryptocurrency gift guide bursting with ideas to help you find something to give the hodler in your life.

Hardware wallet

If you’re buying a present for a cryptocurrency fanatic that doesn’t already have a hardware wallet, then this could make for a great gift. Hardware wallets can be one of the most secure ways of holding cryptocurrency. Ledger and Trezor are two of the more popular options on the market.

Back in January 2018, Ledger said that it’d sold more than a million units of its Nano S wallet.

crypto wallet, bitcoin
Trezor hardware wallet

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There are plenty of options, but the Trezor One and Ledger Nano S both represent good value for money at around $60 each.

hardware wallet, crypto
Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet

If you’re tech savvy yourself, maybe you could throw some cryptocurrency on there as a sweet little prize for the recipient.

Bitcoin bog roll

Bitcoiners are people too, which means they have all the natural bodily functions that you have. So why not lend them a helping hand to take their toilet game to the next level with Bitcoin-themed bog roll.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, toilet roll
Bitcoin bog roll!

The product, listed on Amazon, is allegedly “not just a hilarious gift, it’s also quite practical.” Don’t hold out much hope though, because some reviews suggest it might not be that great when being used for… its intended purpose.

That said, it’ll undoubtedly get a few awkward chortles as its unwrapped and it gives the gift’s recipient yet another way to subtly let visitors know that they’re “into Bitcoin.”

Cryptocurrency socks

Say what you will about getting socks as a Christmas present, but cryptocurrency-inspired feet sheaths are sure to bring warmth further up the body of whomever you give them to.

These socks, from Amazon, are sold in a variety pack featuring five cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Monero, and Litecoin. That’s a pair of socks for every day of the working week!

bitcoin, socks, crypto, nerd
Bitcoin socks baby!

Or maybe you know that the hodler in your life is big on Bitcoin, or a lover of Litecoin. If that’s the case, Kryptoez have got you (well, your feet) covered. Here, you can pick up cryptocurrency themed socks by the pair.

Crypto themed clothing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about people in the cryptocurrency space, is that the only thing hodlers love more than Bitcoin itself is talking about it. Anyone that’s into the cryptocurrency will surely love you forever if you can give them yet another reason to talk about it more.

With an “Ask me about Bitcoin” t-shirt, they will get just that, whoever you chose to give this gift to will be fighting off the crypto curious crowds in public. 

Ask Me About Bitcoin T-Shirt Cryptocurrency Logo Tee
Ask me about Bitcoin t-shirt
But what if the hodler in your life is a little classier than that? Maybe some Bitcoin-themed cufflinks would be better? Of course, they would!

These Bitcoin cufflinks could be the gift that brings a twinkle to the eye of your crypto compatriot this Christmas. These gold-plated cufflinks will be a subtle nod to cryptocurrency that will tie any smart outfit together.

A gold Bitcoin money clip

There couldn’t be a less ironic way of carrying around dirty fiat currency than doing so with a Bitcoin money clip. That said, cash is the OG when it comes to anonymous payment methods so maybe it’s not that inappropriate. 

money clip, bitcoin, fiat
Big pimpin’ Bitcoin money clip

Whatever the case, this will always remind the recipient that even when they’re spending cash, they should be thinking about Bitcoin. Which they probably are. 

A book about Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency

There’re tonnes of books about Bitcoin and blockchain available at the moment, so it can be kinda hard to pick one for the crypto enthusiast in your life if you’re not into it yourself. But never fear, Hard Fork’s got your back. 

There’re books for all experience levels, including babies. Yep, babies. But based on the smattering of books and excerpts I’ve read in recent years I keep coming back to one book; “Bitcoin: The future of money?” by Dominic Frisby

Bitcoin, Frisby
Dominic Frisby’s book about Bitcoin is worth a read

If you’re new to the space, Frisby’s historical recount of Bitcoin’s creation and basics are easy to understand. If you’re more experienced, Frisby’s style and the way he weaves the story of Bitcoin together makes for enjoyable reading. It makes either a great starting point, or a great break from heavier aspects of the topic.

For more Bitcoin and blockchain book recommendations, read our full list here.

Now go out and find something special to give the gift of crypto this Christmas.

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