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This article was published on June 14, 2021

Google Workspace is now free for everyone — here’s how to get it

A premium version is also on its way

Google Workspace is now free for everyone — here’s how to get it

Google has some good news for the cash-strapped or tight-fisted: Workspace is now available for free to every user.

Starting today, anyone with a Google account can use the integrated platform (formerly known as G Suite) to collaborate on the search giant’s productivity apps.

The service essentially provides a more integrated system for using the likes of Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, and Docs.

It’s not likely to revolutionize your user experience, but it will allow you to access Google apps in one central spot, rather than having to jump between them. Workspace also introduces some nifty extra features, like smart suggestions in documents and the new “Spaces” chatrooms.

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In a blog post, Google said the move will “make it easy for people to stay connected, get organized and achieve more together, whether it’s advancing a cause, planning your family reunion, assigning next steps for the PTA or discussing this month’s book club pick.”

If you wanna check it, here’s how to set Workspace up:

  1. Open Gmail on your computer.
  2. Click the Settings icon near the top of the page and then “View all settings.”
  3. Tap “Chat and Meet,” and then turn on Google Chat.
  4. Hit “Save changes.”

You’re in — but if you want a more premium experience, you’ll have to pay for Google’s forthcoming subscription service “Workspace Individual.”

The Big G says this solution will introduce extra features, “including smart booking services, professional video meetings, personalized email marketing and much more.” 

The search giant is yet to reveal pricing for the product, but says it will roll out “soon in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. You can sign up here to receive updates on the Workspace Individual. I’m not planning to splash out on that, but I’m happy to get my hands on the free version.

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