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This article was published on July 13, 2021

Do you really need Google Drive’s new desktop app?

Google is migrating all Drive apps

Do you really need Google Drive’s new desktop app?

Google finally did it. The company is merging two apps for Drive into one, instead of launching another one to confuse the heck out of people.

The apps in question are the Google Drive desktop appand Backup and Sync tool. Google is bundling these apps into one, along with some features from an old enterprise app called Google Drive Stream.

The Backup and Sync app was launched before the Google Drive desktop app existed. Now, the company is bringing functions such as mirroring syncing storage drives to the cloud from these old apps to the new one. In addition, the new release will also have an option for shared Google Drives.

drive for desktop
Google Drive for desktop app

If you use the old app, Google will prompt you to start downloading the new version by September. From July 19, you’ll also get in-app-guided workflows to migrate to the new app. The company said that it’s officially ending support for the Backup and Sync app on October 1.

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So, do you have to have this new app? I primarily use Google Drive through a browser, and haven’t felt the need for a native desktop tool to navigate my personal and work files.

Adding Drive to your desktop makes these more accessible from your OS’ file manager, but I’m fine with firing up my browser to get to them. But if you’re someone who relies on Google Drive for continuous backups and advanced functions like mirroring, it’s high time that you upgrade to the new app.

Google has said that it’ll start rolling out the new version of the Drive app in the coming weeks to both Mac and Windows. You can read more about this change here.

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