This article was published on August 15, 2019

Google Assistant can now nag your family with assignable reminders

Google Assistant can now nag your family with assignable reminders

Reminders are one of the most useful features of AI assistants. Pick up some groceries, take out the trash, set up a dentist appointment. But what about those times you need to nag other people to do something? Google Assistant can soon do that for you too.

The feature, dubbed assignable reminders, simply requires you to say something like “Hey Google, remind Cornelius to grab some croissants tomorrow morning.” Cornelius will receive a notification throughout his assistant devices both when the reminder is created and at the time denoted. Google can also set reminders to go off when Cornelius arrives at a particular location. And if you can’t remember which reminders you’ve assigned, you can ask Google to read those back to you as well.

For the feature to work, the person will have to either be part of your Google family group or have their accounts linked to the same smart speaker or display as you. They also need to be within your Google Contacts. And if this article is now making you worried family members have yet another way of nagging you, you can block people from sending your reminders though the Assistant’s settings.

Assignable reminders are rolling out “over the next few weeks” to phones, speakers, and displays running the Google Assistant in English within the US, UK, and Australia.

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