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This article was published on July 27, 2021

Goddamn, I wish BMW’s cargo ebike concept actually existed

It claims to be dynamic, agile, and effortless

Goddamn, I wish BMW’s cargo ebike concept actually existed Image by: BMW Group

The BMW Group has unveiled its Dynamic Cargo ebike concept, and I simply can’t wait to haul my gear around town on it. 

This three-wheeled “pick-up” cargo bike has been developed to offer “increased agility, convenience, and year-round suitability.”

The BMW Dynamic Cargo ebike.
Credit: BMW Group
It looks like you can definitely store some groceries in the back.

As per BMW, that’s exactly what’s missing from ordinary cargo bikes. They’re usually wider, longer, and heavier than normal bikes, which reduces their driving agility and handling.

I agree completely. Last time I drove such a bike, I found it difficult to maneuver and control it. I’d definitely not consider riding it on a rainy day.

The Dynamic Cargo bike aims to tackle these issues. It comes with a front frame connected to the rear section via a pivot axle, which helps it tilt when cornering and improves overall agility. 

At the same time, the rear section remains fixed all the time to ensure stability in all situations and weather conditions.

What I like most about is its very handy storage unit on the rear frame, where you can reportedly fit various modular attachments for carrying luggage and/or children.

The BMW Dynamic Cargo ebike concept.
Credit: BMW Group
There’s the possibility to attach a special child-seat.

BMW also says that the non-pivoting design of the freight platform “has the additional benefit that the rider is barely aware of any extra weight being carried.”

That sounds ideal for someone like me who — okay, I’ll admit it — isn’t very strong and can’t support a big load.

The bike’s electric powertrain gets activated with pedal motion, and offers a range of 20 kilometers. The battery back can be easily removed and recharged at home.

The BMW Dynamic Cargo ebike.
Credit: BMW Group
Apparently, you can even fit your surf board in there.

Living in the Netherlands and not owning a car, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had the issue of how to transport something other than me.

The BMW Dynamic Cargo ebike.
Credit: BMW Group
Honesty I wouldn’t object to being transported like that…

So, if a cargo ebike was available that met the proposed standards above, I’d seriously consider it. Unfortunately, BMW isn’t planning to manufacture the concept bike, but is in discussions with potential licensees — so hopefully some other brand will snatch this idea up soon.

Until then, we’ll have to make do with what we have.

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