This article was published on November 26, 2019

Ford VP challenges Tesla’s Cybertruck, Musk says ‘bring it on’

Ford VP challenges Tesla’s Cybertruck, Musk says ‘bring it on’

One of the more impressive demos from Tesla’s Cybertruck unveil was a tug-of-war contest where it pulled a Ford F150 uphill. Effective of a clip as it was, many have doubted the contest, indicating the Cybertruck was helped by its higher weight, increased friction, or some other variable. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson even chimed in:

Then earlier today, Ford VP Sunny Madra joined the fray, challenging Tesla to a real “apples to apples”  contest:

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It’s not clear what Madra would change to make it a fair test, but some have claimed the Ford F350, with its higher torque diesel engines, would present a fairer challenge against the Cybertruck – it’s closer in price range too. It’s also worth noting Ford is working on its own electric F-150, which would certainly be the fairest comparison of them all.

Musk doesn’t seem worried though. In response, he simply tweeted:

This is almost certainly all just playful baiting, but I’d totally be down for a Ford vs Tesla exhibition match to the death, just saying. Something about competition being better for the consumer or whatever.

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