This article was published on April 30, 2021

Facebook will help you the find nearest vaccine center in India

Facebook will help you the find nearest vaccine center in India

The coronavirus pandemic is in a dreadful phase in India with more than 300,000 cases daily cases registered over the last 10 days. Amid people searching for hospital beds, oxygen, and meds, the government has opened up its vaccination program for all adults aged above 18.

Till now, the vaccination program allowed anyone above 45, as well as healthcare workers, and frontline workers to get the approved shots to fight COVID-19. As the program opens up for more people, Facebook is rolling out a new tool to find the nearest vaccination center in the coming days.

The tool will be available in 17 languages, and help you identify the nearest vaccination center in your area. Plus, It’ll show if a center has walk-in options for people aged 46 years and above along with a link to register on the CoWin website and schedule your vaccination appointment if needed. 

Facebook’s vaccine locator tool

To collate all this data, Facebook is partnering with the central government’s health department.

While you’ll be able to locate the nearest vaccination center through this tool, you’ll have to check for the availability of vaccines and slots through the CoWin portal. Alternatively, you can use this special tool for finding vaccine slots for folks aged between 18 and 45.

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