This article was published on June 4, 2020

Everyone can now use Facebook’s Google Photos export tool

Everyone can now use Facebook’s Google Photos export tool

In 2019, Facebook started testing a tool that lets you transfer your images from the social network to Google Photos easily.

Earlier this year, the company rolled it out in selected countries including the US, Canda, the UK, and some regions of the Asia Pacific and Africa.

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Now, the company is making the tool available to everyone around the globe. You can use it on desktop and mobile both. Follow our guide to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos.

Facebook’s photo transfer tool that allows you to export your images to Google Photos

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Facebook’s new photo transfer tool is part of a program involving Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter, established in 2018.

The idea is to let users easily transfer their data from one service to another. Last year, Apple joined the project to let users move to data to and from iCloud. Hopefully, we’ll see more tools like these sooner rather than later.

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