This article was published on November 26, 2021

Degoo Premium can serve up all the cloud storage you’ll need for life for just $59.99

Degoo Premium can serve up all the cloud storage you’ll need for life for just $59.99
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: For under $60, a Degoo Premium Lifetime 10TB Backup Plan locks up all that cloud storage space forever.

Cloud storage is like New York real estate. When you stumble across a great deal, you’ve gotta jump on it, then figure out everything you’re going to do with it.

Thanks to Black Friday, some of those already standout deals are getting an even more impressive bump, allowing shoppers to carve out huge cloud storage spaces it could take years to fill at super-low one time pricing.

Case in point, Degoo Premium is offering up a cavernous 10TB of space in the cloud as part of its 10TB Lifetime Backup Plan, now on sale for just $59.99, a savings over well over 90 percent off.

Even with larger file sizes and our expanded need for storage, 10TB of cloud storage is more room than most shoppers will need in a lifetime. To put it in perspective, 10TB of room could safely house about 22,000 hours of TV episodes or movies or almost 3 million digital images.

With a Degoo Premium subscription, users can connect an unlimited number of devices, so members can rest easy that literally everything on their laptop, smartphone, tablet, and every other web-enabled device is backed up in the cloud for safekeeping at all times. With Degoo’s backup system, users can sync their backups to update automatically, detecting any changes to the source document on your device, then autonomously updating the copy in your Degoo cloud storage space.

As the longterm home for all that important information, Degoo takes security very seriously as well, employing full 256-bit AES encryption protection over all your content all the time. Along with incredibly fast speeds to make uploading and downloading seamlessly quick, that encryption protection remains with the files everywhere, so even if you share a link with non-Degoo friends and family members, it remains secure.

A 10TB chunk of cloud real estate is usually a $3,600 value, but as part of the TNW Deals Black Friday sale, this already heavily discounted offer is now an additional 40 percent off when shoppers use the code BFSAVE40 during checkout. With all those price cuts, members get 10TB of space for life at the one-time-only price of just $59.99.

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