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This article was published on April 14, 2020

Daily Distraction: Hola, learn a new language during this lockdown

Daily Distraction: Hola, learn a new language during this lockdown

If you were born in India like me, chances are that you speak more than a couple of languages at least. I can read, write, and speak three languages — Gujarati, Hindi, and English — fluently. Plus, I can understand and speak a couple of others partially.

However, I always wanted to learn a foreign language. So after the first season of Narcos aired on Netflix, I was determined to learn Spanish. But, after using Duolingo for 10 days, I couldn’t continue the course, and I had to put my dreams of watching the second season without subtitles to bed.

My point is, don’t be a lazy-ass like me. While you’re stuck at home, you can surely pick up a new language. And to help with that, here are some nifty tools:

  • Duolingo is one of the prime language learning tools that offers bite-sized lessons and puzzles for you to pick up a new tongue — and it’s free.
  • Don’t want to take lessons? How about learning languages while watching your favorite Netflix show? Language learning with Netflix is an extension that provides support for translation in other languages as subtitles, with the ability to see the meaning of each word.
Language learning with Netflix
  • Premium language tutoring app Rosetta Stone is offering free lessons until June 30.

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