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This article was published on June 3, 2019

‘Crypto-Twitter’ is explaining Bitcoin in 280 characters or less

... and some other coins too

‘Crypto-Twitter’ is explaining Bitcoin in 280 characters or less

Self-professed cypherpunk Jameson Lopp has set the cryptocurrency community a seemingly impossible task: explain Bitcoin in less than 280 characters.

While some responses, like the one above, were overtly genuine, others were more sarcastic.

“Bitcoin is free Internet money that will make everyone rich, automatically solve ethics without any effort on our part, cure cancer, and bring about world peace,” joked Bitcoin Core developer Eric Lombrozo.

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It also wasn’t long before proponents of alternative cryptocurrency projects like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) assigned similar challenges to their communities. Some responses were pretty unforgiving.

Few factors separate Bitcoin from its derivative networks BCH and BSV more than its block size limit.

This caps the amount of data (and how many transactions) miners can fit into a certain block, and has been the focal point of considerable controversy throughout Bitcoin’s history.

Bitcoin blocks are set to not exceed 1MB (but can technically be stretched to around 4MB). On the other hand, blocks up to 32MB in size are allowed to be added to the BCH blockchain, and BSV encourages the network to accept larger blocks up to 128MB.

Cryptocurrency fans (thankfully) shared some versions of the meme that were a little more frivolous.

One requested Twitter to “explain the @TSA as completely as possible in a single tweet.” Another demanded the meaning of love in its entirety with just one post.

As for Lopp’s original challenge; there’s certainly a clear winner: a tweet posted by user @JackScottE.

This wall of emoji artfully represents the world’s most popular cryptocurrency with great efficiency, leaving little more to be said – regardless of how big or small you like your blocks.

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