This article was published on December 14, 2020

CD Projekt Rekt: Cyberpunk 2077 tanks studio’s share price nearly 50%

CDR stock is taking a battering

CD Projekt Rekt: Cyberpunk 2077 tanks studio’s share price nearly 50% Image by: Source: Reddit

Polish game studio CD Projekt’s (CDR) stock continued to plummet on Monday following the bumpy release of its long-awaited video game Cyberpunk 2077.

At its worst, CDR stock hit a low of $65.19 on Monday, down more than 46% since the day before the first Cyberpunk 2077 reviews hit the internet.

The company’s share price recovered throughout the day and looks to finish around 8% lower than Friday’s close, and 33% below pre-Cyberpunk levels.

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While the game holds a 90% rating on review aggregator Metacritic, gamers have detailed a high number of awkward glitches and bugs that’ve rendered Cyberpunk 2077 almost unplayable in many instances.

CDR promised a series of patches over the coming months, and says customers are free to request refunds if that doesn’t totally make up for the game’s poor performance.

Still, despite nearly halving in just six trading days, CDR stock is still up more than 4,300% since it first announced Cyberpunk 2077 in May 2012.

Considering the apparent stakes, let’s hope the studio pays its patch-makers overtime.

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