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This article was published on August 11, 2021

Bury me with the upcoming Xbox Night Mode

SEND ME TO VALHALLA ON A SERIES X (or Series S, it's all good)

Bury me with the upcoming Xbox Night Mode

There are times, wonderfully glorious times, where you see a slice of news and just know it was crafted specifically for you. And, friends, that story nugget today is the fact that Microsoft is working on an Xbox Night Mode.

This first came to light (see what I did there?) over the past few days and, since then, I’ve been busy prepping.

It’s a long held human tradition to be buried with items that held significant value to you in life, so I’ve been clearing my coffin of useless junk like “heirlooms” and “the bones of my faithful hound” to make space for my Xbox Series X with Night Mode.

Yet, before we get ahead of ourselves, I sense you may have a question: what the hell are you talking about? What actually is Xbox Night Mode?

I’m glad you asked.

Long story short, Xbox Night Mode is an upcoming feature that will allow users to dim or turn off the LEDs on the controllers and console itself. On top of this, it will also shift the color spectrum of your attached screen.

It’ll work similarly to Apple’s Night Shift, in that the feature will reduce blue light to make the experience easier on your eyes. You’ll also be able to turn the feature on manually, or set a timer so it happens automatically.

Microsoft has publicly announced the launch of Xbox Night Mode, as it was mentioned on its Alpha Skip-Ahead notes. With all going well, the feature will hit our consoles in the coming months and will be even more feature rich than in its current mode.

You can have a look at how it works in this video:

Lord, I am bubbling with whatever the joyous version of Viking rage is. Xbox Night Mode is making me feel that. Often, I have issues sleeping. When this is the case, one of the things I normally end up doing is heading into the front room and booting up the old Series X.

While I find this a pleasant distraction from the world in general, the bright lights of the console and screen often feel, well, jarring. This is where the Xbox Night Mode will be a blessing.

Being able to game for an hour or so with dim lighting will help soothe my eyes, as well as my fizzing brain, truly being a slave for whatever ails me.

So, friends, when I skip off this mortal coil, do not fill my boat with riches and jewels. Instead, place an Xbox with Night Mode on that vessel before setting it aflame and pushing me towards Valhalla.

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