This article was published on August 7, 2019

British Airways system failure causes delays and infinite queues… again

The airline blames it all on its systems

British Airways system failure causes delays and infinite queues… again

Flying with British Airways? You might want to call your boss and tell them you won’t make it in time for that important business meeting.

The UK carrier airline has warned it is dealing with a system outage after numerous customers took to social media to complain about long queues, unexpected delays, and issues using its app. It appears London’s Gatwick airport is one of the affected locations.

We are experiencing some systems problems this morning which are affecting check-in and flight departures,” company reps wrote on Twitter. “Please check and manage my booking for the latest flight information and allow extra time at the airport,” British Airways advised customers.

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The airline has instructed travellers to allow extra time at airports.

The root cause of the issue remains unclear, but British Airways has said the outage doesn’t affect its global systems. The problem purportedly resides in its online check-in and flight departure systems, according to BBC.

The UK has dealt with numerous flight-related issues in recent times.

Indeed, British Airways experienced a similar malfunction in its systems which caused troubles for 10,000 passengers at Heathrow Airport back in July 2018.

Last Christmas, all flights at Gatwick were briefly suspended after some moron flew a drone over the airport, practically ruining the holidays for a swath of travellers. The incident caused numerous unexpected re-routes and delays.

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