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This article was published on January 14, 2020

BMW kills off its i8 hybrid sports car to make way for all-electric models

BMW's electric cars excite me

BMW kills off its i8 hybrid sports car to make way for all-electric models

German automaker BMW has confirmed the end is in sight for its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

BMW will cease production of the i8 sometime in April this year, making way for the marque’s upcoming line of all electric battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs), Autocar reports. The flagship car of BMW’s electric/hybrid range first reached market back in 2014.

Don’t worry though, if you loved the high-performance, high-economy sports car that was the i8, BMW is expected to fill the gap in the next five years with a new vehicle. Like the i8, it’s rumored to have a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Credit: BMW
BMW i8 promotional shot

A company spokesperson reportedly said that UK customers will need to place orders by February if buying a built-to-order vehicle.

The end of the i8 is perhaps not entirely surprising as BMW has been working on a range of all-electric vehicles for a number of years now.

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As Autocar points out, we can expect to see an all-electric saloon, the i4, and all electric version of the i3 compact SUV dubbed the iX3 in the near future.

Credit: BMW Blog
BMW iX3 conept car

The iX3 is pegged to go into production this year and will have a reported range of over 270 miles (ca. 435 km).

Indeed, the i8 isn’t the only thing the German automaker is pulling from production as it moves to electric-based power trains.

Last week, BMW’s R&D chief confirmed that the Bavarian company would be ceasing production of two diesel engines this year. Its quad-turbo six-cylinder beast, and the more economical three-cylinder unit also used in MINI Coopers.

With brands like Tesla leading the charge with what we should expect of EV manufacturers, traditional car makers have largely been left behind, for now.

This year is certainly looking exciting for the EV market.

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