This article was published on October 20, 2020

All the new AI-powered features Adobe announced for its creative suite

All the new AI-powered features Adobe announced for its creative suite

Adobe is holding its virtual conference, Max, today, and it has announced a ton of updates to its products, from Photoshop to Illustrator and Premier Pro to Fresco.

A lot of these features such as Sky Replacement in Photoshopped are powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI technology. So, here’s the round-up of some of the coolest AI-powered features announced by the company.


  • Sky Replacement: The company showed off this feature of automatic sky replacement in a photo in September. Now, the feature will be officially available in Photoshop. The machine learning algorithm figures out the way around objects in a photo to replace the sky. Plus, it also changes your masks and lighting to match the sky you chose. Adobe is shipping 25 types of preset for this feature and you can also add your own sky replacement options.
  • Neural filters: AI-based filters in definitely not a new idea. Mobile apps such as Prisma have explored this extensively in the past. However, with Photoshop’s editing tools, you might be able to fine-tune these filters to give your photo an extra edge. Skin smoothing and style transfer are examples of filters the company is shipping with the new update along with six other filters in the ‘beta’ stage.
Adobe Photoshop Neural filters
  • Refine hair and object-aware refine mode: These two new AI-powered selection and refinement tools make it easier to brush up hairs or other objects that might have blended in with the background because of similar color or texture.
Hair refine feature
  • AI-powered discover panel: Photoshop’s new discover panel will give you contextual suggestions for feature help and tutorials based on your work and project.

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Premier Pro

  • Speech-to-text and caption workflow: Adobe is introducing AI-powered automatic speech-to-text translations as early access in its Premiere Pro video editing software. Auto captions use machine learning to keep up with spoken words on the screen. This feature will be available in 12 languages including English, German, Spanish, and French. Plus, you can search for captions and edit them to conveniently place them in a non-obstructive way.

Other tools

  • Roto brush 2 in After Effects: This new tool will let you easily select objects in a frame of video. You can also manipulate borders to include or exclude some parts the tool missed out on.
  • Speech-Aware Animation in Character Animator: Adobe’s Sensei AI will automatically animate characters based on their speech including head and eyebrow movement to give the video a more natural transition.

You can learn more about Photoshop announcements here and other announcements here.

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