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This article was published on December 9, 2020

Airbnb to be bigger than eBay after its long-awaited IPO

... but smaller than Lululemon

Airbnb to be bigger than eBay after its long-awaited IPO

Airbnb will list its stock on the NASDAQ this Thursday, and analysts reckon the company will price its shares between $56 and $60 a piece.

If that’s true, Airbnb would boast a market value of $42 billion  a little less than active wear darling Lululemon but $6 billion more than eBay.

The Wall Street Journal noted that figure includes the $3.3 billion the company is likely to raise tomorrow.

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If Airbnb was in the NASDAQ 100, it’d be #57.

Investors have been waiting for Airbnb’s IPO years, and traders are likely watching on-demand delivery startup DoorDash’s Wednesday listing closely as a barometer for what’s in store.

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DoorDash, which is also headquartered in San Francisco, has set the initial price for its shares at $102, valuing it at $39 billion.

DoorDash’s CEO is expected to become an instant billionaire as a result, while Airbnb’s three founders reportedly hit that milestone back in 2014.

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