This article was published on December 23, 2018

Day 12 of TNW’s Advent Deals: a Samsung Galaxy, a Dyson fan, and a laptop

Driving home for Christmas, with deals in the trunk

Day 12 of TNW’s Advent Deals: a Samsung Galaxy, a Dyson fan, and a laptop
Deals on TNW
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Deals on TNW

This holiday period, Plugged is running a very special advent calendar. Over the course of 12 days, we’ll be sharing a selection of sweet, sweet deals. You can thank us later.

Want those sweet, good, lovely deals from day number 11? We’ve got you.

On the twelfth day of TNW’s advent, the lovely team gave to me…

$100 off a Chromebook when you buy a Dell Latitude laptop

Let me ask you this: what’s better than giving a gift? Yep, you got it – a present that works for you as well as someone else!

Well, this deal from Dell could be a perfect fit. If you buy a Dell Latitude laptop, you can get a Chromebook for as low as $120.

If you need a new laptop, you might be able to get this Latitude device for yourself and then gift the Chromebook to someone you love.

Specs-wise, this Dell Latitude comes with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB of memory, a 15.6-inch screen, and a 256GB SSD. What a world.

Price: $1,249


$69 off a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link fan

Being the right temperature is important. Being too hot sucks. And being too cold sucks. But you know what doesn’t suck? Being the baby bear porridge temperature: just right.

If temperature fluctuations are part of your world – or the world of someone you love – then you should check out Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Link fan. It can do everything you could ever want from a fan. And probably more.

Price: ~$450


$100 off unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones

If you’re naming the best smartphone manufacturers in the world, Samsung definitely comes into the equation.

The tech giant has been constantly and consistently producing brilliant handsets, with its Galaxy line in particular beloved.

We know this. And, if you adore Samsung phones, we’ve found a deal you’re gonna love: $100 off unlocked Galaxy devices, meaning you can use them with whatever network you desire. Joy to all!

Price: varies


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