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This article was published on August 5, 2020

Adobe XD is how new UX designers get minted. This $30 course package explains it all

Adobe XD is how new UX designers get minted. This $30 course package explains it all

TLDR: The Adobe XD Professional Certification Bundle leads new web designers through prototyping and style elements to make your website and app designs really pop.

Everyone knows the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps can handle practically any digital creation project this side of taking your dog for a walk. But once most users get past the basic workings of perennial favorites like Photoshop or Premiere, the capabilities of those other two dozen powerful programs start to get a little murky for most.

Adobe XD may not have the name recognition of some of its buzzier siblings, but if you harbor visions of being a web designer, app creator, or digital freelancer, understanding Adobe XD could instantly vault you ahead of the rest of the pack.

Right now, the training in The Adobe XD Professional Certification Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) can show you how to navigate this powerful app and use its many abilities to showcase yourself and your work.

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With Adobe XD, users create wireframes of websites and apps that outline the form, look, and function of your digital work. These five courses including 34 hours of training content will help any user understand how to create in Adobe XD and take advantage of its many useful features to exhibit and explain your web creations in the best possible light.

The training starts at the beginning as courses ‘Website Design from Scratch in Adobe XD’ and ‘Mobile App Design from Scratch in Adobe XD’ break it all down. Here, even newbie creators will learn the secrets of a good design brief, what makes a good landing page, how to create prototypes that attract attention, and the overall design elements that will make your site or app stand out from the rest.

Of course, even well-designed sites and apps fail if users don’t engage with them. Responsive Website Design In Adobe XD helps you optimize how your site or app looks and runs across many different platforms; while the Adobe XD: UI/UX Design, Prototype, and Getting a Job course delves into the user experience side of design, crafting interfaces users like while always keeping client needs front and center. This course also covers the all-important question of what it takes to get hired as a web designer in this lucrative and highly-competitive field.

Get this Adobe XD training now at huge savings off that total, just $30 with the current offer.

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