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This article was published on October 20, 2020

Adobe brings Illustrator to iPad and Fresco to iPhone

Adobe brings Illustrator to iPad and Fresco to iPhone

Adobe announced a bunch of updates to its suite of creative apps at its MAX virtual event today. As a part of that, the company is bringing its drawing app Fresco to iPhone and design app Illustrator to iPad.

The company says Fresco for iPhone will have all features of the iPad app but with a redesigned UI. You can also share your work across devices.

Adobe Fresco for iPhone
Credit: Adobe
Adobe Fresco for iPhone

The drawing app is also getting an overall update and version bump to 2.0. In this new update for its iPad and Windows app, Fresco gets support for text, personalized ribbon brushes, a new smudge brush tool, and pressure sensitivity controls. You can download Adobe Fresco for iPhone here.

Adobe is also launching its design app Illustrator for iPad with special support for Apple Pencil. It brings all the well-known features from the desktop app such as radial, grid, and mirror repeat to the touch interface. 

Credit: Adobe
Adobe Illustrator for iPad

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Adobe Illustrator on iPad will allow you to easily zoom in and zoom out through pinch actions and select objects by tapping them, making it easy for you to edit your designs. In addition to that, the design app supports more than 18,000 fonts and you can also upload your own and customize them for your projects.

You can download the app from here for a monthly fee of $9.99. You’ll get the app for free if you already subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud plan.

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