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This article was published on July 14, 2022

7 tech podcasts to binge this summer

These tech podcasts feature the brightest minds in programming, science, and engineering

7 tech podcasts to binge this summer

Tech podcasts bring together some of the brightest minds in programming, science, and engineering. They can range from the ones dedicated to a wide audience to podcast series intended only for domain experts.

We’ve decided to take a look at some of the best tech podcasts from all around the world. Our selection includes some tech podcasts intended for both the professional and the regular listener.

1. OxyCast

OxyCast is a tech podcast discussing all things web scraping hosted by Oxylabs, a market-leading proxy solutions provider. So far, they’ve launched several episodes, each of which goes in-depth about automated online public data collection. The podcast is intended for a somewhat experienced audience who is either involved in programming, data analysis, or business.

The podcast unveils many of the best practices, requirements, and challenges anyone building automated online public data collection tools should know. It’s an essential podcast for anyone who plans to be involved in such an area.



2. How I Built This

How I Built This is a tech podcast that discusses exactly what’s stated in the name. They bring together entrepreneurs, inventors, and many other people who have created innovative and new solutions, businesses, and tools to discuss how these things came about. The podcast is intended for a general audience or anyone who might be interested in high-level overviews.

Most of the podcast revolves around the retelling of stories. However, the episodes do include lots of practical advice. It is usually widely applicable in various businesses and organizations, which might be looking to improve their processes.

How I Built This

3. Thoughtworks Technology Podcast

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast revolves around various development and programming topics. Each episode tends to dive deeper into the discussions, which can sometimes be extremely narrow (e.g., the refactoring of databases). As such, the podcast is intended for an experienced audience in all things tech, development, and business.

Those, however, who are the intended audience of the podcast, will be able to take advantage of the numerous lessons and practical advice that’s constantly delivered throughout each episode. It’s highly recommended for those that are looking for content-rich podcasts.

ThoughtWorks Technology Podcast


4. In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust is a short-form tech podcast that primarily focuses on discussing artificial intelligence and machine learning, hosted by the team at MIT Technology Review. They mostly talk about various events and developments in the area while proposing ideas about what the future of the domain might look like.

The intended audience is clearly mixed as the episodes are perfectly understandable for the person that’s just interested in the topics, but they hold enough value for the seasoned professional as well.

In Machines We Trust

5. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a business and tech podcast that mostly discusses pivotal points of a company and organizational growth. Out of all the entries in our list, Masters of Scale is the one most heavily focused on entrepreneurship, so it’s intended for the tech-minded business development enthusiast.

The podcast guests, however, might attract the attention of anyone as they constantly get big names from huge companies that are able to deliver extremely attention-grabbing stories. As such, the business and tech podcast might be valuable to just about anyone.

Masters of Scale

6. A16z

A16z is a tech podcast that heavily focuses on innovation, finance, and building the next big thing. They are intended for high-level (e.g., C-suite) executives, inventors, visionaries, and everyone else who wants to push the boundaries of technology.

In essence, it’s a podcast that juggles between being tech-driven and business-focused. There are insights from both sides as investors and executives talk about the finance side of innovation while the creators focus on the technical side.


6. Back To Work

Back to Work is a general tech podcast that discusses everything from business, work, solutions, tools, and many other things. It’s one of the few podcasts that’s slightly tech-related but is marketed towards a nearly infinitely wide audience.

As such, it’s best suited for the generalist and for the person who’s seeking entertainment out of the podcasts. While there’s some technical and practical content, it’s more of a treat that’s fun to enjoy when involved in other work.

Back to Work

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