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This article was published on August 11, 2020

7 simple tips to keep cool if you’re working from home during a heatwave

7 simple tips to keep cool if you’re working from home during a heatwave

Is your home office currently as hot as the Sahara?

Are you feeling hot and bothered and struggling to concentrate?

Is it all getting a little too much?

If so, fear not, because here are a few tips and tricks to help you cool down if you’re working from home during a heatwave.

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Start earlier

If you’re lucky enough to have flexible working hours, let your colleagues and team lead know that you’ll be starting work earlier.

By doing so, you should be able to avoid the hottest time of the day.

The other bit of good news is that you’ll finish earlier, which means you’ll have more time to enjoy the heatwave during the afternoon and evening.

Draw the blinds

You need to shut out the sun from your workspace.

It may seem totally counterintuitive but by keeping your blinds or curtains drawn during the day you’ll prevent the sun from warming up your office.

If that’s not an option, set up in your coolest part of your home. If you live in a house, you might want to work downstairs. Seek the shade!

Only open the window when its cooler outside than it is inside. If not, you’ll run the risk of letting the warm outside air mess with your temperature indoors.

Dress appropriately

I shouldn’t really need to tell you this but it’s important that you dress weather-appropriate — especially during a heatwave.

Pay close attention to the materials your clothes are made off. Avoid all man-made fibers such as polyester and opt for natural materials such as linen or cotton.

Wear loose clothing, opt for light-colored fabrics, and wear as little clothing as you find comfortable.

You’ll stay cooler for longer, sweat less, and you’ll thank me for it.

No to socks and shoes

There’s absolutely no need for you to wear shoes and socks if you’re working from home — so lose them.

Opt for flip flops or sandals and remember that comfort trumps style. If you want to, walk around barefoot.

You need to ensure your extremities — such as your hands and feet — are cool as they’ll help regulate your core body temperature.

Water is your best friend

Stay hydrated and make sure you’ve got ice on hand to cool your water down further.

You could even freeze a bottle of water the night before to ensure it’s ready for you in the morning.

If you get extremely hot, use the frozen water bottle to lean your feet against — you’ll cool down immediately and it may also help to reduce swollen feet.

You could also fill a bucket with cool water and dunk your feet several times a day.

Get a fan

If you don’t have air conditioning, get yourself a fan and place a glass of iced water in front of it.

This way the cold water will help mimic air conditioning, as it’ll cool down the air as the fan blows it out.

Just be careful not to knock the glass over!

Forget your laptop

If you have a desktop computer, use this instead of your laptop.

If you have to make do with a laptop, rest it on a table or desk.

You don’t want to a hot laptop on your lap, trust me. It’s gross.

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