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This article was published on December 20, 2022

5 job hunting tips to get your dream role in 2023

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5 job hunting tips to get your dream role in 2023

As the new year approaches, many of us are thinking of moving into a new role or career in 2023. It’s an exciting time to try something new. But, don’t let the labor shortage fool you, the job market is more competitive than ever.

While there are plenty of opportunities out there, particularly in the tech sector, the rise of remote working also means that job seekers in 2023 will be competing against a global talent pool.

Two candidates may be equally qualified, but one will have the edge over the other because they know how to present that experience in the most effective––and relevant––way. Along with nailing the perfect CV, there are lots of steps you can take to maximize your employment chances.

Here are five tricks to help you land your dream job.

1. Get to grips with ATS keywords

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While it might not be true that recruiters only look at a CV for six seconds, there are other challenges to getting your application noticed. Enter: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Businesses are using this software to filter or rank applications (99% of Fortune 500 Companies are believed to use ATS) and, if your application doesn’t contain the right search terms, it may not be picked up.

ATS keywords are specific words or phrases that employers have identified as requirements for a role. Keep them in mind as you tailor your application to each job you apply for. Match keywords and job titles from the job listing and keep the formatting of your CV simple and clear.

2. Focus on specifics

Whether it’s on a CV, an application, or in an interview, get specific about your achievements. Identify the headlines, as it were, of your job experience. It could be that successful project, that key client win, or that growth in revenue that helps you stand out.

You don’t have to embellish what you’ve achieved, this is about contextualizing it for potential new employers. Having topline stats, achievements, or successes to share can also highlight your transferable skills if you’re hoping to move into a new area.

3. Update your online presence

Your online presence can have a bigger impact than you may think. Considering how you represent “Brand You” online can provide new opportunities to showcase why you’re the best person for the job.

Update your LinkedIn profile to full effect. Recruiters scout for talent on LinkedIn, so make sure you have an up-to-date work history, achievements, and other relevant information. Share your work and successes on your Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

4. Network for the long term

Networking doesn’t have to be as blunt as trying to land a new job through someone directly. Consider it an exercise in making connections, and don’t forget about mutually beneficial networking. Perhaps you can connect two people who can help each other out? Developing a good reputation and a professional network of contacts can only be a good thing.

If you’re trying to break into a new area, ask to meet a mentor or someone you admire for a coffee. Make it clear it’s just a chat and you don’t expect anything. You may pick up some valuable advice, and they may remember you if an opportunity does arise.

5. Keep track of opportunities

Job boards are a fantastic place to begin your job search. Sign up to mailing lists and join online groups related to the areas you’re interested in. Follow key people on social media and keep an eye on what they share and post.

While there may not be actual job listings, it’s good research and will keep you up-to-date on your industry. You never know when the ideal opportunity might pop up. And when it comes to job sites, bookmark them and commit time to checking them regularly for new postings and insights into potential employers.

If you’re considering a move in the new year, there are three interesting job opportunities below. Be sure to check out the House of Talent Job Board for thousands of available job openings.

Data Science Lead, Accenture, Dublin

Accenture is a global professional services company working across disciplines including digital, cloud, and security. This role sits within The Dock’s Havoc team, which is made up of 60 entrepreneurial problem solvers and based in Dublin, Ireland. You’ll own, drive, and execute the team’s data science strategy, and work to identify data science opportunities within client projects. You should have strong academic qualifications in a relevant field and experience in data science applications is also a must. Looking for a different opportunity? Check out further roles with Accenture here.

Software Asset Manager, WPP, London

WPP is a creative transformation company and offers clients a range of communications, experience, commerce, and technology services. In this London-based role you’ll be responsible for operating the Software Asset Management (SAM) practice to optimise WPP’s asset base and manage/reduce risk. The successful applicant will need to have experience working in an IT asset management role and in working with ITAM or CMDB tools. Expertise in end-to-end SAM ownership for vendors such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and VMware is also a must. WPP is also hiring for a number of other roles, which you can find here.

Backend Engineer, Purchase Risk Management, Zalando, Berlin

Ecommerce fashion platform Zalando connects customers, brands, and partners across 23 markets. This backend engineer position sits within a dynamic and diverse group of engineers and applied scientists. The role offers the opportunity to work on cutting edge projects, improve Zalando’s operational excellence and shape the team’s way of working. You’ll need up to three years experience as a backend engineer for cloud-based technologies––preferably on AWS––and knowledge of object oriented programming such as Java and Python. Zalando has even more opportunities here.

To find your next career adventure and discover even more exciting job opportunities browse The House of Talent Job Board today

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