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This article was published on September 7, 2021

    5 ‘crazy’ things you can buy with cryptocurrency

    The crypto market is more versatile than you'd think.

    5 ‘crazy’ things you can buy with cryptocurrency
    Laura van der Most

    If you’ve been out of the crypto game for a while, here’s what’s been happening: major cryptocurrencies are trading in the redretirees protest El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, and Honduras opened its first cryptocurrency ATMBasically, business as usual in the crypto verse.

    However, if you’re still HODLing some coins, you might want to brush up on what you can buy with them. Here are 5 ‘crazy’ things you could blow your crypto cash on.

    1. Beauty products

    Woman using phone in studio hed
    Credit: Bruce Mars

    The crypto world has a huge gender inequality problem, but the traditionally female beauty industry doesn’t give a damn.

    More and more cosmetics brands are adding cryptocurrency to their payment options, including Lush, Wake, R+Co, Opu Labs, Glamnetic, and Perfect 365, as well as online beauty platforms like Cult Beauty and EM Cosmetics.

    2. Funeral services

    Credit: Sigmund

    Anyone who has seen Netflix’s The Dig knows that you can actually take your money with you when you die. But why would you?

    There are a number of funeral homes in the UK and the US that can be paid in Bitcoin. The only catch would be knowing what password your loved one had set for their digital wallet.

    3. Good karma

    Credit: Carl Heyerdahl

    Who says capitalism doesn’t have a bright side as well?

    You can earn some extra karma points by donating your crypto to support a good cause.

    From Save the Children and the Ugandan Water Project to Project Chimps and Orangutan Outreach, there are plenty of charities and NGOs that accept Bitcoin, proceeds from NFTs, and other cryptocurrency donations.

    4. University degrees

    Credit: Mohammad Shahhosseini

    You’re never too old to learn, and there are several universities across the world who are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment.

    And for that extra meta option, you could always get your Master’s in Blockchain and Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, where you can also pay your tuition fee in crypto.

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