This article was published on December 18, 2019

300-word review: The Sonos Move is a great (but pricey) wireless speaker


300-word review: The Sonos Move is a great (but pricey) wireless speaker
Move wireless (and Bluetooth) speaker

Do you ever get the feeling that reviews are often a bit too long? That you could get all the required information in a much shorter package? That writers love the sound of themselves typing too much?


And, also, guilty.

So, I had a thought… could I write an informative, interesting review in only 300 words? I guess we’ll find out…

The Sonos Move

Hey, it’s the first portable Sonos speaker! The Move has a (replaceable) battery, meaning you can actually… move it around. Basically, when docked it’s a Wi-Fi audio device, and can switch to Bluetooth (sadly not aptX) while it’s roaming free.

Taking it out the box, you notice the weight immediately. Its 3kg heft gives the Sonos Move a premium feel, but it definitely doesn’t feel portable. You’re gonna take this into the garden, not on holiday.

Set-up was simple, but I had to jump through a lot of hoops before I could start actually playing music.

Sound-wise, the Sonos Move is a lot of fun. It’s (very) loud, it’s exciting, and the bass is rich. It doesn’t have the pure, unembellished sound audiophiles will be after, but it is thoroughly entertaining. It delivers this same sound quality when docked, or running on battery (which lasts around 10 hours).

The Sonos Move speaker

The speaker also has a feature called auto TruePlay, which means the Sonos Move uses its on-board microphones to tailor the sound to its surroundings, much like Apple’s HomePod. I dig the feature and, importantly, it works.

On the topic of microphones, the Sonos Move also has Alexa and Google Assistant support and, in my experience, is adept at picking out your voice. Thankfully, you can also turn the mics off with a button.

At $400 it’s also expensive. For that price, you could get a Sonos:One and a good portable Bluetooth speaker.

Still, that’s not the point. The Sonos Move is a beautiful device with exhilarating sound. It might not be suitable for the world at large, but it’s great if you’re starting your Sonos journey and want something that can follow you around the house.

It’s expensive and not that portable, but the Sonos Move is fun and convenient.

Word count = exactly 300 of the suckers

There you have it! If you’d like to see other products reviewed this way, let us know on Twitter. Peace out.

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