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Find actionable inspiration with TNW Talks

Thanks for joining us at our event! We hope you enjoyed our expo booths, speakers, and networking opportunities.

Between reuniting with fellow attendees, exploring the business floor, and catching talks, you might have wanted to be in more places at once... especially with a lineup of experts like CEOs, founders, physicists, professors, crypto experts, and the likes giving such amazingly interesting talks.

Don't worry, we have your back – you can go back in time, and watch talks on demand from our events for a whole year. Grab your popcorn and notes, and let's start the watch party!


  • Gordon Willoughby

    Gordon Willoughby

  • Jeff Maggioncalda

    Jeff Maggioncalda

  • Jitse Groen

    Jitse Groen

  • Martin Villig

    Martin Villig

  • Jen Carter

    Jen Carter

  • Heini Zachariassen

    Heini Zachariassen

  • Amanda Silver

    Amanda Silver

    • Microsoft
    • Corporate VP & Head of Product, Developer Division
  • Mala Singh

    Mala Singh

  • Ashutosh Garg

    Ashutosh Garg

  • Nikki Eslami

    Nikki Eslami

  • SC Moatti

    SC Moatti

  • Toby Russell

    Toby Russell

  • Sam Feldt

    Sam Feldt

  • Ian Truscott

    Ian Truscott

  • Dave Wright

    Dave Wright

  • Lex Sokolin

    Lex Sokolin

  • Blair LaCorte

    Blair LaCorte

  • Monica Long

    Monica Long

  • Christine Moseley

    Christine Moseley

  • Lane Kasselman

    Lane Kasselman

  • Thiago de Faria

    Thiago de Faria

  • Stan Boland

    Stan Boland

  • Tom Raftery

    Tom Raftery

    • SAP
    • Global VP, Futurist & Innovation Evangelist
  • Arnavaz Schatten

    Arnavaz Schatten

    • Infarm
    • Director of Sustainability & Impact
  • Anna C. Mallon

    Anna C. Mallon

  • Marc de Vries

    Marc de Vries

  • Keith Sonderling

    Keith Sonderling

  • Jacqueline Rutgers

    Jacqueline Rutgers

  • Juan de Antonio

    Juan de Antonio

  • Christian Erfurt

    Christian Erfurt

  • Erica Sewell

    Erica Sewell

    • Netflix
    • Head of Inclusion Talent Outreach, Content Creative
  • Jason Silva

    Jason Silva

    • Futurist
  • Loredana Crisan

    Loredana Crisan

    • Facebook
    • VP of Messaging Experience (Messenger and Instagram)
  • Peter Rawlinson

    Peter Rawlinson

  • Will Graylin

    Will Graylin

  • Jarno Kartela

    Jarno Kartela

  • Menno van Leeuwen

    Menno van Leeuwen

  • Agnieszka van Batavia

    Agnieszka van Batavia

  • Bronwyn Williams

    Bronwyn Williams

  • Lennaert Koch

    Lennaert Koch

  • Abhimanyu Ghoshal

    Abhimanyu Ghoshal

  • Girish Nadkarni

    Girish Nadkarni

  • Anne-Valerie Corboz

    Anne-Valerie Corboz

  • Marko Rancic

    Marko Rancic

  • Kathryn Finney

    Kathryn Finney

  • Claudia Cameron

    Claudia Cameron

  • Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet

    Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet

  • Hugo Bongers

    Hugo Bongers

  • Ruben Pattiasina

    Ruben Pattiasina

  • Ian Taylor

    Ian Taylor

  • Jen Grace Baron

    Jen Grace Baron

  • Gideon van Dijk

    Gideon van Dijk

  • Ryan Nece

    Ryan Nece

  • Stefanie Schillmöller

    Stefanie Schillmöller

  • Spenser Skates

    Spenser Skates

  • Tim Bradshaw

    Tim Bradshaw

  • Yorick Naeff

    Yorick Naeff

  • Hannes Coudenys

    Hannes Coudenys

  • Michiel Stokman

    Michiel Stokman

  • Marjon Leggedoor

    Marjon Leggedoor

    • ABN AMRO
    • Product Owner Online Brand & Phishing Protection
  • Douwe Driehuis

    Douwe Driehuis

    • ISS
    • Head of Innovation & Workplace Management
  • Anne-Marie Twigge

    Anne-Marie Twigge

  • Dr. Doron Myersdorf

    Dr. Doron Myersdorf

  • Charlotte Wiedemann

    Charlotte Wiedemann 

  • Stefan Rust

    Stefan Rust

  • Matthew Brennan

    Matthew Brennan

  • Victoire MBALA

    Victoire MBALA

    • Leadership & Mentorship Specialist
  • Gareth Maybank

    Gareth Maybank

    • Adobe
    • Adobe Strategic Development Manager for Content
  • Lalit Bhakuni

    Lalit Bhakuni

    • ABN AMRO
    • Head of Global Cyber Intelligence Center
  • David Green

    David Green

  • Rocío Fonseca

    Rocío Fonseca

  • Yasmine Fage

    Yasmine Fage

  • Mike Hayes

    Mike Hayes

    • VMware
    • Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Nina Mohanty

    Nina Mohanty

  • Susanne Baker

    Susanne Baker

    • Tech UK
    • Associate Director, Climate, Environment and Sustainability
  • Kellogg Fairbank

    Kellogg Fairbank

  • Celeste Menich

    Celeste Menich

    • Adobe
    • Senior Solutions Consultant – Creative Cloud
  • Jim Wittermans

    Jim Wittermans

  • Pep Rosenfeld

    Pep Rosenfeld

  • Chris Nuttall

    Chris Nuttall

  • Laurel Wolfe

    Laurel Wolfe

  • Richard Waters

    Richard Waters

  • Albane Bruyas

    Albane Bruyas

  • Salmaan Jaffery

    Salmaan Jaffery

  • Priyanka Srinivas

    Priyanka Srinivas

  • Ronald Geerlings

    Ronald Geerlings

  • Dan Greenberg

    Dan Greenberg

  • Beer Zandt

    Beer Zandt

  • Már Másson Maack

    Már Másson Maack

  • Pasquale Romano

    Pasquale Romano

  • Francesca Bria

    Francesca Bria

  • Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

    Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

  • Robert G. Erdmann

    Robert Erdmann

  • James Kynge

    James Kynge

  • Abner Preis

    Abner Preis

  • Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez