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Alt Season

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This week's ALT coin is $ETHEREUM. Grab your tickets before it's too late! 00d 00h 00m 00s
TNW is accepting payments in altcoins
Happy alt season ya’ll!

TNW is accepting payments in altcoins

What a wild-bull run is going on in our little cryptoverse! High ups and low downs. Well, our team at TNW wishes you all the coins and lambos in the world of course. To celebrate alt season and our in-person tech festival coming back at the end of this September, we’re going to accept payments in various altcoins! One coin per week.

Every week, we’ll announce our ‘coin partnership’ on TNW’s social channels, and if you want to join us at TNW Conference in Amsterdam or online, you can buy your ticket with the coin of the week. We’ll even throw in 10% discount as we firmly believe in alts, have diamond hands, and want to cover the insane gas fees.

Meet the leaders behind leading blockchain projects, and join the discussion via various AMAs and sessions. Oh... you might even get your hands on our official MOONbeam champagne!

How does it work?
The rules

How does it work?

How can I buy tickets with coins?

Each week we'll accept a different coin as a payment method for a ticket to TNW Conference 2021.

If you'd like to buy one or more tickets, please contact our co-founder Patrick de Laive on Telegram (@patricktnw). You'll receive a price and an address where you can send the payment to.

Once the transfer is confirmed, your tickets will be sent to you, and you can complete your registration. Standard ticketing terms of service apply.

Check the tickets page to see an overview of the available tickets.

Can I suggest an altcoin as next payment method?

Absolutely! Let us know which coin we should accept next by tweeting us your fave coin and why it's such an amazing project. Be sure to tag @thenextweb and use #altseason in your tweet.

This week, we'll be accepting $ETHEREUM.

Explore the future of money
A new era in finance

Explore the future of money

Hard Fork, Europe's boldest IRL crypto conference, is returning to TNW Conference.

Modern foundational technologies are transforming financial markets and services at a rapid pace. Traditional finance and crypto are converging, regulation is imminent, and changing mindsets and novel technological capabilities are opening the door for new financial services. Whereas some financialists are skeptical, others seem pumped about the technology and its possibilities.

One thing is for sure though, with these developments happening all at once, it's time for the communities and experts to come together, and make sense of it all.

Come navigate the future of money, markets, and finance with us on September 30 and October 1 in Amsterdam AND/OR online. Join leading blockchain initiatives, exchanges, financial institutions, and smart and retail investors as they come together to do business and share their vision on how crypto and blockchain will transform our financial lives.

There will be business, combined with hot debates, insightful views, and a lot of parties business opportunities...

Speaking at TNW Conference

Love crypto? Here is a selection of our speakers at TNW: